The Importance of Brand Positioning

When we think about what it means to be a successful brand a few things come to mind. Product of exceptional quality, customer service that is unmatched, innovative design and cutting edge technology, and a global presence are a few things that distinguish a successful brand, from a not so successful brand.Apple has made it their mission “to make great products” through “constantly focusing on innovating” and maintaining a cohesive brand image (Rowland, 2018).

The apple with a bite taken out of it was chosen because of its prescribed symbolic representation of “knowledge” that “deftly carries the heft of centuries of meaning,” as the apple has been used in art and literature since the beginning (Redding, 2018). The bite taken out of the apple represents the lust for knowledge and enlightenment.

Image source: Graphic-art News.

Due to the apple’s immediately recognizable symbolic importance that defies the bounds of language and borders, Apple has been able to effectively position themselves as a creative and innovative company that always thirsts for knowledge and enlightenment. Their slogan “think different” further emphasizes the creative nature of the brand and the lifestyle it – very successfully – markets to consumers who want to be “seen as creative and identify with creative people (Rikard, 2018).”

Sleek store designs, creative-type geeks selling products and solving issues in those stores, and celebrity endorsements all contribute to the success of Apple’s lifestyle positioning, as “it’s people’s perceptions of what Apple says about them… and not what it does for them” that make Apple products some of the most desirable for the style-conscious, wannabe creatives (Rikard, 2018).

Image source:

In selecting a name for an organization, understanding the company’s “big idea” is one strategy for choosing a name, such as Apple and their big idea of lusting for knowledge, innovation and enlightenment. The name and the logo both reinforce this and it is easily printed in various sizes, across any media, easily recognizable, and legally protectable (Wheeler, 2012). Next, considering the functional criteria such as in Apple’s case, ensures that the name is legally protectable, that its immediately recognizable and works well across media and scale, and is bold and memorable enough to allow users to develop an emotional connection to it (Wheeler, 2012).

Through clever and “different” positioning strategies, Apple has become one of the most easily recognizable, valuable companies in the world, supplying not just a product or service, but a lifestyle to consumers.


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